About Rock Falls Tourism

Urban Crossroads: Where City Life & Nature Meet

The Rock Falls area provides the perfect setting for activities during any season. As one of the greenest cities in Northwestern Illinois, nature & conservancy is our way of life.

Our communities boast outdoor fun and fitness year round and our diverse cultural backgrounds create a melting pot of unique festivals and events. Being only an hour to an hour and a half away from major cities, Rock Falls has the benefit of attracting unparalleled artists and entertainment.

We have clean air, active communities, the stunning Rock River, Hennepin Canal and gorgeous country-sides all offering the needed exposure to nature for help in restoring the mind & body. It’s no wonder that the Greater Rock Falls Area is getting noticed.

  • Spring Travel Tips

    March 8, 2019

    Spring is upon us! Regardless of what the temperature might be right now, warmer weather is on the way and we can’t help but turn our minds to wanting to get out of the house and out on the road…
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