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Spring Travel Tips

Winter turns to Spring, as we turn to adventure! Learn what to keep in mind when traveling this Spring!

Spring is upon us! Regardless of what the temperature might be right now, warmer weather is on the way and we can’t help but turn our minds to wanting to get out of the house and out on the road or hopping that plane. As a traveler and avid fan of exploring our country and the world, I put together a list of things that can help when trying to…


Food Truck Fridays; a Rock Falls Summer Event

Waiting to Serve You Summer 2018 Rock Falls, IL

Because we believe that our local businesses offer great food and we want to help them share their delicious menus at the Run, Bike & Walk District Park along the Rock River…


Eagle Watching

and everything you need to know when scouting the River’s waters for the iconic birds.

BWCVB ad Element cut out Eagle Paul Gierhart 2016.jpg

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have an eagle land in a tree 10 feet from you? Look up to the sky and see 5-10 eagles circling, getting ready to pluck fish from the river? I've observed as an eagle descended from above, with amazing grace and poise, land on a large branch feet from where I was parked, and watched the branch bow. It was awe inspiring…


essentials for traveling with a dog

When taking a trip with your four legged best friend, here is a list of some helpful products that might come in handy! Article by Neil Stawski

Do you count canines as your favorite camping companions? If so, here are some suggestions for your holiday wish list to help you and your dog enjoy tents, trails, and all the pretty points in between…


Top 13 Valentine's Day 2017 Finds

Ah... love is in the air! Make Rock Falls, Illinois one of your travel goals this Valentine's Day.

Ah... love is in the air! Make Rock Falls, Illinois one of your travel goals this Valentine's Day. Quench your wanderlust and find great values in the greater Rock Falls area with these love, romance and holiday inspired deals…


Rock Falls Area Animal Encyclopedia

The Who’s and What’s of the animal species you may find in the Sauk Valley Area.

The Rock Falls area is home to many types of wildlife. What will you see when you visit? Thanks to the help of Scott Schaeffer, District Wildlife Biologist, Il. Dept. of Natural Resources and Karen Rivera, IDNR Streams Biologist, I got a more in depth view of nature all around us…