Eagle Watching

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Have you ever wondered what it's like to have an eagle land in a tree 10 feet from you? Look up to the sky and see 5-10 eagles circling, getting ready to pluck fish from the river? I've observed as an eagle descended from above, with amazing grace and poise, land on a large branch feet from where I was parked, and watched the branch bow. It was awe inspiring. Eagle watching is to be experienced first-hand. A picture online or on TV just doesn’t do our National Bird justice. For many years, Rock Falls, Illinois has had an unusually high number of eagles. Click HERE for the best viewing areas from the warmth of your own car. Be safe, Be Observant and Happy Eagles Watching!

Eagle Watching in Rock Falls, IL When viewing our majestic national symbol please be aware of your surroundings. These once endangered birds have been successful enough at raising eaglets to be removed from the Endangered Species list. That being said, Bald Eagles remain protected by the Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. They are also, as a species, sensitive to human activity. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, during the winter, bald eagles are under pressure to consume enough food and expend as little energy as possible in order to maintain body heat. If fishermen, bird watchers, or boaters get too close to the eagles, the birds will waste valuable energy flying away. It exposes them to undue stress and could cause abandonment of a site.

The last thing any Bald Eagle lover would want, is to unintentionally cause a nest to fail, produce fewer young, prevent the eagles from feeding or force an eagle to abandon their site. Fortunately, there are precautions that you can take to limit the amount of stress you may cause the birds that you are viewing. Information on the Northern Bald Eagle was gathered from American Bald Eagle Information - Please visit their site for more in depth data.

Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle Viewing Directory:

  • Lower Dam Park look across the river on the island

  • Bowman Park look across the river on the island

  • Seward Riverside Park look up!

  • Upper Dam Area (near the walkway) Parking is available near the walkway

  • Sinnissippi Dam Walkway look toward Seward Park or above you-they may be circling

  • 1st Avenue Bridge/IL Route 40

Thank you all for supporting our efforts over the years, we are privileged to be able to share our special community with others.  Our local residents (paws, claws and people) are what sets Rock Falls, Illinois apart and what makes visitors want to come back.

Safe Travels,

Rock Falls Tourism