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Congratulations Percussion Palooza!

Congratulations once again to Rock Falls High School Music Department! They are the first Tourism Grant Recipient of 2017! 

Pecussion Palooza is an event organized by the Rock Falls High School Music Department in honor of the famous jazz drummer, Louie Bellson. Mr. Bellson was a Rock Falls native and grew to be a musician  who performed with the jazz greats, such as Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman.

This year's event will be held on Sunday February 26th 2017. Percussionist from all over Illinois come to perform their solos and ensembles and receive feedback from highly-qualified judges. The top performers in each of the three classes, Middle School, High School and Senior will be awarded their trophies and perform their selections at the Percussion-Palooza Premier Showcase at the end of the day. The larger percussion ensembles will have the opportunity to hear and speak to famous musicians that contribute to the world of percussion on a daily basis.

Overall, the goal of Percussion-Palooza is to enrich the musical knowledge of percussion students. The Rock Falls High School Music Department brings clinicians, judges, and schools from all over the Midwest to make this event the most educational and memorable as possible.

Here's to another year of great performances!

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