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Hennepin Feeder Canal State Parkway

Although Rock Falls is an all season's tourism destination, autumn has a magical feel to delight the senses.  The days are crisp and clear, bird's flying south stop on our shores to visit, squirrels are on a mission to stock up for winter (yes-there is entertainment value to be found in this!), folks are getting in their last mowing of the year (fall fresh cut grass smells w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l), campfires for brisk evenings and long conversations with good friends and great scenery, the leaves are changing to brilliant shades of yellow, orange & red and there's an anticipation of area fall events & fairs, farmers markets, seasonal attractions and knowing that winter is around the corner. 

The Hennepin Canal offers a front row seat to nature and all the beauty that fall has to offer. Even though the Hennepin enjoyed limited success as a waterway, engineering innovations used in its construction were a bonus to the construction industry. In fact, some of the building technique used to create the Hennepin Canal were utilized for the Panama Canal.

Come enjoy walking, running, kayaking, bike riding, snowmobiling or horseback riding on nearly 100 miles of trail and waterway. Parking for the Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park can be found in Rock Falls at the Jim Arduini Boat Launch.

How do I know about how awesome the Hennepin Canal is for excerise & fun? I'm not just a spokesperson, I'm also a resident tourist!


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