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Large numbers of travelers look toward the internet to find their destination and have lost interest in cookie cutter restaurants, lodging and attractions. Instead, they want local food, local attractions and connection to the lifestyles of local people. Rock Falls is one of the greenest cities in Northwestern Illinois. We have active communities throughout our region with unparalleled festivals and events. The stunning Rock River, Hennepin Feeder Canal and gorgeous country-sides all offer the needed exposure to nature for help in restoring the mind & body. Our region is blessed with an eclectic array of attractions and business that we encourage you to explore.

Rock Falls

If you enjoy adventure then grab your bag for a short drive to where CITY LIFE and NATURE MEET.  You will be amazed!  Rock Falls hugs the beautiful Rock River so bring your walking shoes and explore the riverfront, the canal and parks as well as an interesting museum. Louie Bellson, began his journey here as a young man and he is now known as the best drummer of all times.  Rock Falls offers a variety of hotels off of the interstate and one directly on the Rock River.


President Ronald Reagan was born above a bank in this charming rural community.  Explore the town where he played as a child and visited as a President.  There is a Ronald Reagan Museum and souvenir store too.

  •      Ronald Reagan Birthplace/Museum
  •      Aqueduct south of town moving the canal water above the Green River (engineering feat)
  •      Amish School and Church near the intersection of Route 172 and Route 92


Once an Indian Village, now the Prophetstown State Park, is located on the Rock River.  Prophetstown has been name the Most Arts-Friendly Small Town in Illinois.  It possesses lots of history and charming murals.  Many young men residents lost their lives in the Civil War Battle of Shiloh.

  •      Asa Crook Historical Home
  •      Prophetstown Area Historical Society/Museum
  •      Murals
  •      Cemetery/Shiloh Statue
  •      Prophetstown State Park


Sitting on a curve of the Rock River, one can enjoy a typical country village that showcases on of the few remaining iron bridges of yesteryear.

  •      Iron Bridge
  •      Lyndon Historical Society


Beautiful historic building and homes are found in this Whiteside County Seat town.  Situated on the Lincoln Highway, one can explore several must see stops.  Don’t miss it!  AND, grab a burger at Fat Boy’s and lunch with the judges and attorneys of Whiteside County and maybe even take in a card game.

  •      Morrison Heritage Museum
  •      Covered Bridge
  •      Morrison-Rockwood State Park
  •      Grist Mill adjacent to Route 30
  •      Malvern grist mill (outside of Morrison in a picturesque setting)


You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the heritage Sterling offers.  View points of interest from Indian mounds to the Lincoln era as well as the steel industry, not to mention still used movie theatres and a drive-in too.  Murals depict the history and the cemetery is a must-see drive through.  Sterling is also the international headquarters for Wahl Clipper which is now run by the 4th generation of the Wahl family.


All communities have eating establishments for your convenience.  Check them out while visiting. -Rhonda Reese, Executive Intern, Rock Falls Tourism

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