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The Holiday Bum-rush

It’s been warm, sunny and perfectly autumn-ish today, a week ago, 2 weeks ago, heck-this entire autumn season in Rock Falls IL has been amazing! I have been blissfully not thinking of the holiday preparations that are around the corner. It’s as if Mother Nature had pushed an imaginary pause button that was keeping our area absolutely gorgeous.

Our unusually warm autumn, has allowed us to extend our outdoor activities longer than we’re used to. Walks along the Hennepin Canal, Rock Falls Recreational Trail, watching wildlife unfold in front of you by the Sinnissippi Dam Walkway near Riverside Park (Rock River) in Rock Falls and Storybook Trail all help you unwind and breathe easy.

Let me divulge the science to this: “Studies show that when children spend time outdoors, they reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, concentration and performance at school improves, and they gain an appreciation and love of nature.  Author Richard Louv coined the term “Nature Deficit Disorder” in his book Last Child in the Woods to describe the effect of children and youth becoming disconnected from nature. Adults can suffer from nature deficit disorder, prior generations generally spent more time outside as children than kids do today. Research links nature deficit with some disturbing child outcomes, such as increased rates of obesity, attention disorders, and depression, as well as diminished use of one’s senses. We can reverse nature deficit disorder in ourselves and our children if we work on getting kids outside with activities like the Storybook Trail.” You and your family deserve a break from your busy life and are welcomed to relax and recharge your batteries. Comfortable, clean rooms and amazing hotel staff awaits you in Rock Falls IL, with every major hotel either near the Hennepin Canal or the Rock River. green tree

It was so easy to brush off the warning signs. I just got totally distracted by describing all the nature that’s available and its medicinal attributes in this blog. Sheesh!  I digress… dismissing warning signs: Halloween with a warm sunny afternoon glow, school pictures being taken, fundraiser pick-ups, my dad asking me what size of turkey he should get and what side dishes I was making, and me wondering if it’s too late to set up a time to visit the Alpaca Farm in Prophetstown or wondering when it is considered “too cold” for a garage sale (I have a heater-a decision that I struggle with every year, along with my secondary struggle of actually having the garage sale. Here’s hoping! smiley 1635453 1280 ).  Despite all the subtle warning signs, I’ve turned around and BAM! I’m eyeball to eyeball with the upcoming holidays and celebrations. Now what???

Thankfully Rock Falls Tourism has created packages for the traveler who stays in Rock Falls IL. Hometown Holidays, Season Sights & Sounds of Sterling and the Twin Cities Parade have been planned for months and months. This year should be even greater than last. Beat the holiday shopping rush and buy local during Hometown Holidays in Rock Falls, IL and Season Sights & Sounds of Sterling. The Sauk Valley Chamber, Rock Falls Chamber, Sterling Mainstreet and Rock Falls Tourism all have details of the family-friendly events that kick off this weekend. Click on "packages" above on the task bar for Hometown Holidays and Thanksgiving deals and/or click on the annual events to plan your visit today! 

With my panic abaited, I look forward to Hometown Holidays of Rock Falls, IL and Seasonal Sights & Sounds of Sterling, knowing that my children and I will have a wonderful time at the Christmas Walks while we are outdoors enjoying our communities. Bonus-businesses are offering stellar deals during the Friday evening events! See you all there!!!


U of I Extension Carroll-Lee-Whiteside Counties “Storybook Trail Combines Reading, Nature, and Exercise” November 2016

Richard Louv Recipient of the Audubon Medal and Author of National Bestseller “Last Child in the Woods.”

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