Storybook Trail

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The Storybook trail, Rock Falls IL

Welcome to the first permanent Storybook Trail in the State of Illinois. The half-mile trail extends from Avenue D near Linville Crossing to McNeil Road in Rock Falls. It opened on Friday October 9th 2015 with a dedication ceremony at the bridge near Avenue D. The trail features 32 poles that hold pages from books that have nature themes. The first book is “Plant A Pocket Of Prairie.” It eventually will be replaced with a winter-themed book. Click Here for Storybook Trail Teacher Resources.

"Studies show that when children spend time outdoors, they reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, concentration and performance at school improves, and they gain an appreciation and love of nature.  Author Richard Louv coined the term “Nature Deficit Disorder” in his book Last Child in the Woods to describe the effect of children and youth becoming disconnected from nature. Adults can suffer from nature deficit disorder, prior generations generally spent more time outside as children than kids do today. Research links nature deficit with some disturbing child outcomes, such as increased rates of obesity, attention disorders, and depression, as well as diminished use of one’s senses. We can reverse nature deficit disorder in ourselves and our children if we work on getting kids outside with activities like the Storybook Trail." -U of I Extension

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