Great Outdoors
Rock Falls , IL

In the spring of 2014, the City of Rock Falls planted prairie grass and flowers on idle land for the purposes of lowering general maintenance costs. To date, 6 acres within the city limits have been planted. These areas include the recreational bike path, the south side adjacent to the industrial park, a lot surrounding the industrial park water tower, and land near the new waste water treatment plant.

From a tourist perspective this project is quite unique as Rock Falls is believed to be only the second city in the State to adopt this type of beautification ordinance. The growth of natural prairie grasses and flowers will not only beautify the community, but also attract additional wildlife to be enjoyed.

For more information on the ordinance please read the link below. This project is being partnered with Pheasants Forever, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Whiteside County Soil and Water, Rock Falls Tourism and the University of Illinois Extension Master Naturalist Gardeners.

City Prarie Grass Ordinance Policy PDF

Additional Info

  • What To Do: Great Outdoors
  • City: Rock Falls
  • State: IL
  • Postcode: 61071
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