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Greater Rock Falls Area Running

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Greater Rock Falls is an exciting location for many outdoor activities, with ample locations for running and walking.

Hennepin Feeder Canal, Rock Falls

Starting at the Dillon Home/Martin’s Landing in Sterling, runners get a wonderful view of the Rock River as they cross the Sinnissippi Dam Walkway into Rock Falls. There, the canal path along the Hennepin Feeder Canal extends for miles, where they can enjoy a wonderful nature journey. The path is paved until three miles, where the path is a softer gravel to grass, which is usable by foot or bicycle alike. The canal path is marked every ½ mile with a stone marker on the ground on the right side of the path. The path combines to be part of the Grand Illinois Trail.

Sinnissippi Park/Hoover Park, Sterling

Enjoyed by many XC teams, this paved path goes through forest and offers a bit of a challenge with hills in Sinnissippi Park. There are trails in the Hoover Park forest as well for a more extensive nature walk. Sinnissippi Park is the site for Hopewillian Indian Mounds, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and Hoover Park is part of the S.M.A.R.T trail system.

Westwood Trails, Sterling

Located behind the Westwood buildings in Sterling, these paved trails offer a beautiful walk through a wooded area.

Lynn Blvd Bike Path, Sterling

Runners and walkers may park at either end of the path, which runs along the four lane Lynn Blvd. This path is part of the Adopt-A-Highway program maintained by the Rock River Road Runners.

Eberley Park, Sterling

This is a soft, serpentine path through a little forest, and is about 1.5 miles in length.

Lowell Parkway Trail, Dixon

This is a wide, flat, paved path that extends for 3.5 miles, which is a popular place to go.

Lowell Park, Dixon

Runners may enjoy the lower part of the park near the river, or challenge themselves with the upgrade of the roads leading to the top of the park. Runners may enjoy the top of the park as well. Lowell Park is on the National Register and is the site of Lowell Forest, an Illinois Nature Preserve.

For those interested in running and walking events, there are structured events every month of the year in the Sauk Valley. Some events are listed Rock River Road Runners Facebook.  

More information regarding parks, trails or races go to:

Park Districts


Bridge the Community 5k/10k

Hennepin Hundred

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